This isn’t a marriage post. I actually hate my husband the way that players hate their coach in the middle of two-a-days, or you hate your personal trainer in the middle of a really tough workout, or maybe you hated your pastor on that Sunday where she spoke like she’d been sitting in your kitchen for a month.  Yep, I hate my husband because today he dropped some truth on me and I just had to sit in it.  We embrace discipline is a house habit for us and today I wrapped my arms around this hard truth and kissed it on the mouth.  

I was upset about some hard conversations I’ve been forced to have lately (It’s called leadership people).  By nature, I seek to please people.  By nature, I hate confrontation.  By nature, I will let you walk all over me if you just smile.  And that nature has cost me a lot over the last thirty-five years.  So, today, I text my husband and said, “I hate this.” And I went on to say how much I didn’t want to have these conversations and how unfair it was and how much it makes my back hurt etc. 

He said this (hate him!): 

Don’t say that.  You don’t hate this. Say this: “It’s uncomfortable.  It’s challenging.  It’s killing the pleasing gene in me.  My little helper is hurting.” But do not say “I hate this.”  Words are proof of thoughts. And those thoughts are directing your emotions. That burden is too big to carry. Nobody wants to do what they hate...but any champion is willing to do the hard things that are making them a better follower of Jesus and leader of people. 

Boom! How do you like them apples?  Yep. I’m sure.  I hate him.  And I am so grateful. 

Who speaks truth in your life? Have you given someone permission to make you hate them at times? 


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