You don’t just get to be a girl boss (or a boy boss for that matter).  It takes hard work and a lot of tenacity to lead, dream, manage, confront, and build.  So, what are some rules that I’ve discovered after working in a variety of industries and with lots of different kinds of leaders? 

1. Don’t whine 

Seriously, you have to give this up.  At first, you will miss it like processed sugar or caffeine.  Then, you will feel amazing and then  you will wonder why you didn’t kick the habit sooner.  Like all addictions, you will be more successful when  you replace rather than just subtract.  If you are a person of faith, sub prayer and gratitude.  If you aren’t, gratitude works well alone too.  Remember, if it was easy everyone would do it.  You want to be the boss - stop acting like a second grader who doesn’t have any choices.  Don’t whine!

2. Prioritize your own personal health and growth

For thirty-five years I thought being the boss meant I couldn’t have any needs.  I suffered, my  organization suffered, my kids suffered.  No more.  Get up early to meditate or pray or sit alone for five minutes.  Eat breakfast so you have the energy for your day in place.  Take vitamins.  Read your scriptures.  Have a growth plan.  Whatever!  But make it a priority.  Don’t give yourself the leftovers of life.  Pretty soon you won’t have anything to serve others.  A boss knows how to prioritize and that starts with your own health and growth.  

3. Know your season

You can be a #girlboss in every season, but it will look differently.  Are you a student?  Are you a new parent?  Are you a new employee?  Do you own the company?  Know who you are.  Then, know the season you are in.  Sometimes things are hard because that is the price for the road we’ve chosen.  Other times, they are hard because the season is over and we need to move on.  Know your season.  Evaluate regularly, but not every day.  Then write your season and live there with all your heart.  

4. Push hard during the push times

Knowing your season will help you know when to push.  In the toy industry, Christmas is king.  You can’t take off during Christmas.  It is a push time.  In the baseball industry, January-April is key!  For your kids, 0-3 is crucial.  Know your push times and push hard during those times.  That’s not the time to get tired.  If the deadline is coming up, get a Red Bull and push.  If the company is on the line, sleep less and work more.  Push during the push times. 

5. Take time away regularly, but not during the push times

You need a break.  Remember, your priority has to be your health and growth.  So, take a break!   What does that look like? Do you just need a morning off to think?  Do you need to work out three times a week?  Do you need a weekend away from everyone?  Are you a two weeks in a row vacation kind of girl?  There is usually a way to take time away especially if you are willing to push extra hard during the push times.  Whatever your need, make sure you take that time.  Sometimes I find I think I need a month off, but I only need a few hours and then I am great.  Be consistent with taking time and you will find your life is infinitely happier and more productive. 

6. Talk to people, not your phone 

Human interaction.  Networks.  Love.  Teams.  They come from your eyes not your screen. Adjust accordingly. 

7. Make accountability for your team into a time on your schedule 

I was frustrated with my staff eternally until I put a time for us to meet and be accountable into the schedule.  It’s just thirty minutes per department per week, but it has changed my outlook and their attitudes.  We feel more in touch with each other, and we are all more productive.  If accountability doesn’t have a time slot, it probably isn’t happening.  

8. Confront the problem and remember that people aren’t the problem 

People will help you solve problems.  People have problems.  People aren’t the problem.  So, confront the problem, bring people on the journey, and remember that someone is having patience with you right now. 

9. Know your goal and stay focused on that goal 

What is the goal?  Is it written?  Is it clear?  Does anyone know besides you?  Write it down.  Review it regularly, and use it to stay focused. 

What has helped you to be a girl boss? 


Need inspiration for when you want to give up?