Someday you will want to give up.  Maybe that day is today.  Maybe that day is tomorrow.  Maybe it was last month.  The day comes.  And it’s great to do what you can to avoid and prevent that day.  But what about when it is here staring us in the face?  You can call it a personality quirk or whatever, but I feel this way more than what I think is normal. Here are some things I have learned to do when I want to give up. 

Talk to myself

Writing, reading and speaking declarations has literally changed my life.  There is something about pre-deciding how I’m going to feel and respond in moments of adversity.  Tape what you want to say to yourself to your mirror, your dashboard, your desk.  And practice speaking truth to yourself! Remember, yours is the voice you listen to most. So make sure you are speaking the right things. 

Talk to somebody else

Talk to the right people - you know, the people who won’t let you give up and will give you wisdom along the way.  Don’t run to the naysayers or the ones who will always give you an easy out.  Have your go to girls or guys to encourage you and build you up.  Side note: counseling is awesome - so find a great counselor and go! 

Here are a few more in short form for you to think about and try out! 

  1. Write down what I love about my life - what gives me joy and energy.
  2. Go for a walk, run, drive.
  3. Yell really loudly where no one can hear me. 
  4. Turn on my favorite music.
  5. Find something to laugh at - a funny video, a story, the absurdity of life - laughter is the BEST medicine for wanting to give up. 
  6. Circle a date on the calendar to evaluate my life - mid-crisis evaluation is rarely beneficial. 
  7. Remind myself that nothing I’m facing is new, and if other people made it through, I can too! 
  8. Remember my goal in life.  Often our frustration comes from peripheral things. 


What do you do when you want to give up?