In this social media age, we are changing the way we experience things.  We often miss the moment in our attempt to preserve it. This isn’t a new thought, but it’s one I think we quickly dismiss as we cultivate our Insta-story.  

Imagine this Christmas if you were the only one who knew just how great of a time you had.  Imagine if you were just present.  Imagine if your child’s smile meant just as much whether or not it was captured and rebroadcast.  Imagine if no one knew anything about your Christmas, except for those who were there.  Would it be less special? Would your family enjoy it less? Would you enjoy it more?

This Christmas, consider giving the gift of your presence.  Really lean into every moment.  Look into the eyes of those you do life with.  Laugh with them in the moment instead of later when you look back.  Don’t push for perfection, but for being together.  Let each moment be what it is and recount the joy of the day through not quite right but close remembrances and rosy colored glasses.  The truth is that life is fleeting, no matter how hard we try to preserve it.  So, don’t miss your life. You only get one.  Participate, don’t spectate. 

Give the gift of presence and see what you receive in return.