I love New Years!!! I love it so much that I celebrate again with the Chinese sometime in January or February depending on the year.  I love New Years because I love new beginnings. Don’t we all?  Do over. Mulligan. Relaunch. Redo. Revamp. Restart. Recast. All the words. 


Here is a secret: all the new beginnings in the world won’t help if you don’t have any new wisdom or new tools as well. Books, podcasts, great conversations with people who are farther down the path can all give the tools you will need to make the most of the new year, new opportunity, new relationship or even new faith journey. 


So, this year, I’m sharing some of the books that I go to when reworking my world. 


Leadership and Self-Deception - The Arbinger Institute 

Phillip and I have given dozens of these books away over the years.  If you only read one book on this list, I urge you to pick THIS one! It is in story form and speaks right to the soul. Ever wonder why the conflicts in your life, even well meaning ones, don’t quite effect the change you are looking for? This book gets the core of how to have effective conflict within relationships and organizations. You might discover a little about yourself along the way.  


Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer


Ever since my mother gave me this book as a college student, I have returned to it over and over again to reset my mindset.  The moment I realized I could really, truly control my thoughts - well, that’s just a game changer. 


Change Anything - Patterson, et al


The willpower trap.  Mind blowing. That’s all I’ll say! 


Switch: How to change things when change is hard - Heath Brothers


I’ve used this book to help direct change in my family, my business, our non-profit, our church.  It gives clear examples and inspiring stories to help you move yourself and your team forward!


Mindset - Dr. Carol Dweck 


My friend, Sofia Dickens (who by the way has founded an unbelievable company called EQtainment that teaches emotional intelligence to kids through games) told me that I had to read this book before I became a parent.  However, it’s not a parenting book.  It is a life book.  The principles that it teaches can help you be a better parent, teacher, employer, employee, and ultimately give you confidence in your own personal growth.  


The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin


This book has been a favorite of mine since I was in high school.  Benjamin Franklin was utterly brilliant and yet so humble.  I’d suggest that you read Mindset and this book back-to-back.  Franklin is an incredible historical example of a growth mindset. 


Grace - Max Lucado 


Remembering that Jesus is the center of it all helps me to filter out those things that are important from those that are mere distractions. 


Love Does - Bob Goff


I have been inspired, encouraged, uplifted and overwhelmed by this book every single time I’ve read it.  Bob Goff is one of my heroes.  And his wife Maria’s book Love Lives Here is just as wonderful. 


All In - Mark Batterson 


Need an antidote for Americanized Christianity?  Need a kick in the pants when it comes to what is really important?  Need some inspiration for the journey?  You will find all that and more in this incredible book.  It opens with a coffin story - what’s not to like? 


The Great Divorce - CS Lewis


Fables, especially those that the brilliant Lewis writes, teach us through imagination and inspiration.  This is one of my favorites. I’d bet you’ll see yourself in more than one of the characters. 


Everyone Communicates, Few Connect - John Maxwell 


I’ve never been more convicted by a book.  Although I wanted to throw it across the room a few times, it has been the most helpful read of 2017 for the Deas household.  Whether you communicate in a kitchen, boardroom, classroom, or to thousands, Maxwell will help you to learn to really and truly connect. 


The Energy Bus - Jon Gordon 


Energy is a game changer for a family, an organization and even a church.  Let this simple story teach you how to harness and maintain the energy you need to move forward!  No energy vampires!


Four Hour Work Week - Timothy Ferriss


This book has more practical business and life advice than I could ever express in a few sentences.  However, what was most helpful to me was the author’s deconstruction of the purpose and process of work itself.  Examining our preconceptions is the first step to creating a new life - one we are excited about living!!!