When I gave birth (literally), we moved to a new house.  My oldest was almost three and my youngest (at the time) was one month old.  We were tired.  And we needed to pinch a few pennies if you know what I’m saying!  So, we decided to forego cable.  It was a financial decision, and it changed our life!  

We didn’t put a TV in the living room.  Instead, we put our one TV in our bedroom and signed up for NetFlix.  At the time our kids slept in our room (don’t judge me, it was a season).  So, at night, there was no TV for me.  I didn’t think I watched TV very much.  Man was I wrong!  It was withdrawals for the first couple weeks, but soon, I rediscovered things I truly LOVED like knitting and reading and just thinking.  My husband and I had real conversations.  I read my Bible more AND my anxiety lessened.  I slept more peacefully.  I was happier and the atmosphere of my home changed for the better.  

TV wasn’t evil, but it wasn’t serving our family.  We had started to serve it.  I could tell you all the other great things that came out of this decision, but I will leave you with this quote: “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever” - Keri Russell.  I know that was true for me. 

What small decision have you made that made a huge impact?