For many years, I didn’t care a lick about fashion.  Yes, I wanted to be clean and somewhat presentable, but I didn’t care if it was on trend or whatever.  I lived in a world of academics and lawyers and it just didn’t matter quite that much.  It was the WORK that mattered.  


And besides that, I’d had some bad experiences with cute girls and obviously it was their cuteness and attachment to fashion that had made them mean. (So logical) 


I continued this path until a day I was invited to an opening of a graphic design studio.  I threw on whatever.  Business casual.  Yada, yada, yada.  I arrived at the opening and all the designers took one look at my mid-America five years ago look and completely disregarded me.  There was NO ONE to talk to.  I had been excluded by outfit.  Now, before you feel bad for me, remember that I was there to connect with THEM, not the other way around.  I failed at my mission because I didn’t pay attention to their culture.  It would be just as silly as if I traveled to a foreign country and didn’t read anything about how to connect and then was upset because I didn’t connect.  My dress told them that I wasn’t like them, maybe wouldn’t like them, and most of all that I didn’t belong. 


I got in my car and vowed that I would never let something as silly as fashion to get in the way of my mission again. 


Here is the thing, you don’t have to be wealthy or have a ton of time to look like you got up and got dressed on purpose and in this decade.  All you need is to care a little bit and plan a little bit more.  It’s just as easy to put on a good looking shirt as a bad looking one, just need to plan for the good looking one to be in the closet and clean! 


The Bible tells us to do everything as unto the Lord.  I used to say fashion didn’t fall under everything.  It was frivolous and silly.  But everything means everything. 


I’m not saying you have to be cutting edge or whatever.  There are lots of different styles. What I am saying is that whatever you wear, do it on purpose.  And think about who you are trying to connect with and why you dress the way you do.