It's Friday, but Monday is Coming

A thought on Good Friday. Today is Friday, but Monday is coming. I know the saying is Sunday is coming. But sometimes it is Monday that is most unexpected. Sunday Jesus rose. Death hell and the grave were defeated.

Everything changed.

Angels were seen.

Testimonies were given.

But Monday found the disciples on their way to go fishing. Monday found the women preparing meals and packing. Monday was pretty ordinary. I think we expect the Sundays in our lives to change our lives. It's like the climax of a movie or the ending crescendo of a symphony or the final line of a play.

Show is over guys.

Big stuff happened.

This is the end.

And Monday feels as awkward as a curtain that won't close or an audience that stays seated while the orchestra awkwardly packs up. Or a camera that keeps rolling into the unscripted aftermath. What do we do with the Monday we live in? Because it is Friday and Monday is coming.