Need some suggestions for summer reading?  Here are a few idea for you and the whole family!

 ENERGY BUS - Jon Gordon - there is an adult AND a kid version. Read the adult version and then read the kid version with your kids under 10.  I promise lots of great conversations around the dinner table and a new language of ENERGY! 

HOPE FOR THE FLOWERS - Trina Paulus - this is my FAVORITE book and it is a children’s book! Ever feel like you aren’t sure what life’s about? Need a reminder? This is your book. I have a feeling it will end up being one of your favorites too. 

 NARNIA SERIES - CS Lewis - all the Narnia! I can’t say enough that these are NOT just kids books, but they are great kids books. I like to read them to my girls as they go to sleep. I’m not worried if they see the symbolism. I just want them to listen to Aslan’s roar. 

 WILD GOOSE CHASE and JACK STAPLES series - Mark Batterson - if you are a fan of fantasy, you will enjoy these books. It’s not CS Lewis, but it’s really fun and fast paced. And Wild Goose Chase is so challenging!

 SOMETIMES YOU WIN, SOMETIMES YOU LEARN - John Maxwell is unbelievable. And this book comes in adult and kid version. The lesson is one that will change their life and yours. 

 MAKE YOUR BED - William H. McRaven - I haven’t read a book this year that made a bigger impact. Older kids could listen to you read this one, but I would suggest listening to the author read it yourself. Believe me, you will want to read it again with them later. 

 THE WAY BACK TO YOU - Ian Cron - This isn’t a family read along book, but it may profoundly impact the way you parent. The enneagram way of understanding personalities has been incredibly helpful to our family. And you might just learn a few things about yourself. (I know I did!)

 THE WIZARD OF OZ SERIES - L. Frank Baum - Don’t just stop with the famous book in the series. All of the books are delightful and fun and so enjoyable to read with little ones. The worlds Baum creates are like no others I’ve ever encountered and perfect for the lazy days of summer. 


What are your favorite summer reads?