• Planned to do a lot of writing today, but my daughter woke up with a fever, and I had to take her to the doctor. So, there’s that. 
  • Intended to reply to your message as soon as I opened it but was distracted and didn’t remember for 24 hours. So, there’s that. 
  • Spent an hour putting together dinner for my family. Literally no one liked it, and we ended up eating peanut butter and jelly. So, there’s that. 
  • Thought that this new leadership method would really inspire everyone on my team, and instead they all want to quit. So, there’s that. 
  • Found out that the new client is an absolute jerk and had no intention to pay. So, there’s that. 
  • Ordered groceries online again just to have the avocados show up rotten. So, there’s that. 
  • It rained on our big event, and the rain plan was a complete failure. So, there’s that. 
  • Lost my temper and made my four year old cry. So, there’s that. 

There’s that, but that doesn’t have to define you. You are more than that. 


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