Get Naked!

Sometimes clothes protect us. Sometimes they shield us. Sometimes they are helpful. BUT, there are some very important things you can’t do with clothes on. (Or you can’t do them very well.) Bathing for one. Some kinds of medical exams. Other very important unnamed things. We understand that. So, we create safe places where no clothes or few clothes are acceptable. Bathrooms. Pools. Beaches. Saunas. Spas. Hospitals. Private rooms. Places where we can go to change our mood or exchange our dirt for something a little more clean or be treated for a problem that is as persistent as it is personal. Clothes are important, until they get in the way of who we want to be.

Covering up your emotions, your difficulties, your challenges is often a wise choice. Not everyone needs to see all the things all the time. And sometimes we need you to really suit up and get things done. But if you don’t allocate special places, people, times to get naked, get vulnerable, get honest, you may find that what was created to protect you is actually holding you back from a better future.  

Stop trying to be who you think they want you to be. Stop pretending and wearing someone else’s clothes. Stop skipping baths and checkups. Get naked. And start becoming who you always dreamed of being.