Love and Meaningful Work

Freud said we need two things to be happy: love and meaningful work. While he also said a bunch of other things that were, ahem, debatable, I get this. Love and meaningful work. The question becomes what is love and what is meaningful. I’m sure he answers all these things, but I’m asking you to think about them for yourself. What is the love in your life, of your life? What is meaningful to you, about you? Sometimes we can spend all our time working to get love rather than seeking to give love. Sometimes we can do what is expected of us or will make someone else comfortable and pass up meaningful on the way. Sometimes we don’t stop to ask the questions.

So today, stop the hamster wheel. That’s right, you make it go so you can make it stop. Stop. Take a deep breath. And ask the questions. It may not change a thing except your perspective. And that my friend, could change the rest of your life.